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All Fears Were Put to Rest

    My family and I would definately like to commend you and your wonderful staff. There was never a moment of fear or anxiety in my fathers voice during the devastation.  When we first got news of the storm, my family was very concerned and sent numerous text messages.
      Due to my fathers age, health and inability to travel, I was concerned about the possibility of an evacuation. My apt is upstairs and there would be no way I could possibly move him without the aid of an ambulance. Uncertain of what was to come, I prepared a care package for my dad which contained an emergency kit, water, food and supplies. When I arrived with this large crate of supplies, a staff member at the front desk greeted me. She reassured me that the facility was well equipted. She explained that my father would continue to have 24 hr care. She also mentioned there was a 2 week supply of food and 2 to 4 back up generators.  When I heard the news, I was so relieved and immediately notified my family.
     Both my father and I have been through Katrina. Having wade through high waters and having been trapped on the roof for 4 days with over 7 ft of water, I feared the worst.  But your efforts and professional staff put all those fears to rest. I can not think of a better place for him to be in Houston during this time of crisis. On behalf of the Elmore family, we applaud you and your staff and can not thank you enough!
Thank you. Thank you.
       Thank you.
Ivy H.
Daughter and P.O.A. for
Nathanuel E.