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Carriage Inn – Bryan is an Amazing Community

 Carriage Inn – Bryan is an amazing community. The residents get to know each other and support each other, they check on each other, and mom was really involved in planning the outings and activities that went on. They have people who come in to do exercise class and play music, they have Girl Scouts come in and do crafts, and they have a professional painter who comes in and teaches the residents how to paint and how to draw. She had her stroke and she had to move back to the assisted living side and they’re really good and they take care of her needs. They have a chef and the food is really good. In the dining hall on the independent side, you fill out what you want and the servers get your request and then bring it to you. There are at least two entrees every meal plus you can have soup and a salad, hamburgers, or grilled cheese. They’re very good, very kind, and very helpful. If they haven’t seen the resident by 9:00, they give them a call in their rooms. So, when they didn’t see her, they called her room, and the lady who called her knew just from hearing her voice that something was amiss. She checked on her and they took her to the hospital. It’s an older facility, and they’re working on repairing some things. When mom was in independent living, she was able to bring all of her flowers and pots and had a space of about 15 yards. They have special events on weekends and they will take the residents to a special premiere play in town if they want. It’s very reasonably priced. They have a lot of things for them to do. They have a limousine that will take them to their doctors’ appointments or to get their nails done. 

  • Pam (daughter of resident)