Activities  at Autumn Grove Cottage at Blanco in San Antonio, Texas

Activities Designed to Engage

At Autumn Grove Cottage at Blanco, we strive to help our residents maintain their independence by engaging them in daily activities. The activities are designed to help maintain their social skills, physical strength, happiness and cognitive abilities. Each activity is done based on the residents’ abilities, interests and levels of skill and through this assessment we determine which activities are best for small groups or individual play. 

Resident playing cards at Autumn Grove Cottage at Blanco in San Antonio, Texas

The Importance of Activities in Memory Care 

At Autumn Grove Cottage at Blanco, we know that appropriate activities have a positive effect on the behavioral symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s and other memory loss related diseases. Anything that keeps a person interested, busy, or in any way engaged, physically or cognitively, can be beneficial, and can be rightly called an activity.If the resident is not in some way engaged, they will fall prey to the “four A’s of Alzheimer’s”: anxiety, aggression, agitation, apathy.

Types of activities that we use to engage our residents include:

  • Sensory stimulation, such as light therapy to help with sleeping at night, and aroma therapy for calming.
  • Reminiscing about old times, talking about what is going on at the moment, or talking about the residents’ favorite hobbies and interests can improve general mood and self satisfaction by contributing to the group.
  • Doll/Pet Therapy which is shown to sooth and comfort those suffering from memory loss.
  • Incorporating daily tasks as a meaningful activity, such as helping set the table, allowing the resident to brush their own teeth and hair, assisting with laundry, restocking the bathrooms, and joining our maintenance staff in changing light bulbs.

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