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Now is the Time to Move to Senior LIving

Moving to Senior Living Now | Retirement Center Management


Why Now Is the Right Time to Move to Senior Living

There’s no crystal ball to gaze into that accurately tells us when to make life’s big decisions such as when to move to a senior living community. A fortune cookie won’t say anything about senior living communities. The Farmers’ Almanac might suggest when to plant beans, but if you consult its pages for the best date to move to a senior living community, you’re guaranteed to come up short.

Fortune tellers and almanacs can’t help you decide when to move to a senior living community. So how do you know now is the time to make your move?

  1. The real estate market is hot right now — and will stay hot as the days get colder. Conventional wisdom has long said the best time of year to sell a house is spring. And because most people follow that conventional wisdom, there’s less home inventory in the winter months. According to research by Zillow, 23% fewer homes are sold in the winter versus spring.

However, limited inventory really means there’s less competition from other sellers. People looking for homes in the winter months also tend to be more motivated to buy.

In addition, the housing market right now is still hot, and by all accounts will remain that way through the end of 2021. But the Home Buying Institute suggests 2022 might usher in a slowdown in the housing market — which means this fall and winter might be the best time to sell your house and get moving into a senior living community.

  1. The demand for senior living continues to increase. A recent survey showed that demand for senior living continues to increase even despite the ongoing pandemic. What could this mean for you? If you’ve got your eye on a particular senior living community, chances are good other older adults in your area probably do, too. As that senior living community adds more residents, they may institute a waitlist. Which means you may find yourself on the outside looking in while you wait for a residence.

  2. Moving to senior living sooner means you’ll have more time to enjoy maintenance-free living. You could continue to live in your own home and be responsible for housekeeping, home repairs, maintenance and upkeep, lawn work, grocery shopping and meal preparation, and more. Or you could choose a senior living community where all these responsibilities are taken care of by the community.

Maintenance-free living is just one of the many perks you’ll find at a senior living community. Use the time you would’ve ordinarily spent doing household chores to enjoy the community’s common spaces or take advantage of the monthly calendar of activities.

  1. You can leave the driving to us. For older adults, driving is a symbol of independence. But the risk of being injured or killed in a car accident increases as people age. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, older drivers, especially those 75 and older, have higher crash death rates than drivers 35 to 54 years old. Age-related declines in vision, as well as physical and mental changes, may affect older drivers’ driving abilities.

At many senior living communities, scheduled transportation is one of the included services paid for by residents' monthly service fee. Residents can rely on the community transportation to take them to doctors’ appointments, shopping, museums, restaurants, theaters, and out-of-town trips. Having safe and readily available transportation can be almost life changing for socially isolated older adults who’ve stopped driving.

Now might be the best time for you to move to a Retirement Center Management community.

The truth is there’s not one perfect time for an older adult to make a move to a senior living community. So many factors go into the decision, and everyone’s reasons are different.

The senior living professionals at Retirement Center Management can help you find a community that feels like a fit for you. We can also work with you to determine your own moving timeline. When you’re ready to explore your possibilities, reach out to us. We’re always here to help.

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