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Bluebonnet Season in Texas

Bluebonnet Season in Texas


For a brief moment every year, Texas’s normally green and tan landscape turns blue with Texas bluebonnets.   To many, this is the big announcement that spring has arrived in the Lone Star State.  The bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas, thanks to the vast fields of bluebonnets that bloom each spring throughout the central portion of Texas. The flower gets its name from the shape of the petals, which look like bonnets worn by pioneer women. The petals of the pea-like flower are a gorgeous bright blue color and have a white tip. 

Residents of Village on the Park Steeplechase experienced the perfect day in Hempstead, TX to see the Bluebonnet Trail.  The horses were also lucky as they were fed carrots by the residents.  

Thank you to Irina Wardrip, Life Enrichment Director, for arranging a beautiful Texas day.

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