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America’s Greatest Personalities 

Join LLW-TV host, Robert Landau, for the second part of our tribute to the great Charlie Chaplin. In this episode, Robert will focus on the second half of Chaplin's amazing personal and professional journey. 

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Meditation for Seniors: Part 2

LLW-TV Host, Robert Landau is back with some extremely easy and short meditations for you to experience. Given them a try. Do those simple meditations as often as possible and watch how much better you'll start to feel, inside and out!

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How to Be OK When Things Aren’t

How NOT to Be a Negative Thinker! Negative thinking can not only ruin your day but your health and well being as well. LLW-TV Host Robert Landau, shares easy to incorporate tips on how to stop negative thinking in its tracks!

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Health and Wellness Tips - Healthy Brain, Healthy Life!  

LLW-TV Host, Robert Landau, for easy and effective ways to keep your brain in tip-top shape to prevent cognitive decline.

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True or False?

A bi-weekly trivia broadcast that will test your knowledge of subjects. Fun and laughter will prevail as learning takes
center stage!

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Did you Know?

What a world we live in! This bi-weekly program will expand your knowledge base and highlight amazing, astounding facts and figures concerning life on earth.

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Presenting Your RCM Executive Staff

Get to know the senior management of Retirement Center Management.   Live Life Well® TV  host, Robert Landau, interviews RCM's senior executives offering a chance to see our management team in a new light. 

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Your Personal Power Hour

Motivational and inspirational topics are covered from "How to Manage Stress" to "How to Deal with Difficult People", and so many more.  Got Stress?  Join National Motivational Speaker, Robert Landau for "The Ten Minute Stress Solution!" 

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Amazing Confessions of a Cruise Director!

Want to know what it's really like working on a cruise ship? You won't believe it till you hear it! National Motivational Speaker, Robert Landau, was a professional world-wide Cruise Director for nearly ten years. His stories will amaze and amuse you. You'll never look at cruising the same way! This is an award-winning presentation that all but guarantees loads of fun, laughs and entertainment by the shipload. No life vest required!

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Thank you to Orpheus Academy of Music in Austin, TX for providing great entertainment to our residents with their Postcard for Seniors YouTube channel.  We hope you enjoy these great performers as much as our residents have.

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Musical Performance by Cathy Burrows

Cathy Burrows is a New York City trained violinist with more than 30 years of experience in classical musical concerts.  With the help of Robert Wolters  at Assisted Living  Locators, Cathy has created a musical concert for our residents and families to share  - with a surprise musical at the end. 


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Visit the Houston Zoo Online

The Houston Zoo provides great opportunities for visitors to view various exhibits from the comfort of their own homes.   

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Listen to the Houston Symphony at Home

The Houston Symphony continues to bring great music to the Houston community.   While the Symphony's season is on hold, visit their web site to listen to archived performances, watch muscians perform from home, our see the schedule to listen to performances on Houston Public Media

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