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America’s Greatest Personalities: Charlie Parker

When you think of Jazz in America, you have to mention Charlie Parker. An Icon with a difficult and challenging journey, as a creative artist, Charlie Parker was second to none. LLW-TV Host Robert Landau, shares Parker's amazing life story.

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Health and Wellness Tips: What to do When You Can't Sleep

It happens to all of us. Not being able to get back to sleep isn’t a great feeling, to say the least. Join LLW-TV Host, Robert Landau for ways to help you get the rest you so well deserve. Acknowledgements go to

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How to Be OK When Things Aren’t: You are an Allstar  

What if we told you that you're nothing short of an All-Star? Don't believe it? Watch this!

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Did You Know? 

What a world we live in! This bi-weekly program will expand your knowledge base and highlight amazing, astounding facts and figures concerning life on earth.

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True or False? 

A bi-weekly trivia broadcast that will test your knowledge of subjects. Fun and laughter will prevail as learning takes
center stage!

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Top Ten Most Influential People in the World 

Join Live Life Well-TV host, Robert Landau for a fascinating look at ten of the most incredible people throughout the course of time that made a difference for you and I.

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Presenting Your RCM Executive Staff : Spencer Lane, Vice President of Hospitality

Join us as we meet Retirement Center Management's Spencer Lane, Vice President of Hospitality. Spencer's a fascinating guy and his journey to where he finds himself now is more than interesting.

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Special LLW-TV Presentation: Cunard Line's Queen Mary

The Majesty of the Seas! She was one of the greatest transatlantic liners ever built. At a time when getting from point A to point B was the only way to go, the Queen Mary reigned supreme. Robert shares her amazing story.

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Special LLW-TV Presentation: Crazy, Unbelievable News Headlines!

Sometimes news stories are just too hilarious to be true...but they are!! Join LLW-TV Host Robert Landau for a humorous look at some of the craziest news stories over the last months!

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Your Personal Power Hour

Motivational and inspirational topics are covered from "How to Manage Stress" to "How to Deal with Difficult People", and so many more.  Got Stress?  Join National Motivational Speaker, Robert Landau for "The Ten Minute Stress Solution!" 

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Meditation for Seniors

LLW-TV Host, Robert Landau is back with some extremely easy and short meditations for you to experience. Given them a try. Do those simple meditations as often as possible and watch how much better you'll start to feel, inside and out!

Meditation for Seniors: Part 1 | Meditation for Seniors: Part 2 

Amazing Confessions of a Cruise Director!

Want to know what it's really like working on a cruise ship? You won't believe it till you hear it! National Motivational Speaker, Robert Landau, was a professional world-wide Cruise Director for nearly ten years. His stories will amaze and amuse you. You'll never look at cruising the same way! This is an award-winning presentation that all but guarantees loads of fun, laughs and entertainment by the shipload. No life vest required!

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A LLW-TV Special - The Titanic

A LLW-TV SPECIAL! Think you know everything about the Titanic and what really happened? Think again! | Robert Landau, LLW-TV Host, presents the latest findings concerning one of the greatest ships ever built...and one of the greatest heartbreaking disasters to ever occur.

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