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Klein High School gives back to Spring Creek Village

Klein Serves. On November 29, 2018, Klein High School Cheerleaders, teachers and parents came together to help Spring Creek Village for a night of giving back to the community.

On this night, students, teachers and parents supported the Klein 5 core values of gratitude, empathy, perseverance, integrity, and most of all, service with our Klein community.

As part of Klein Serves, over 15 students, teachers and parents came to Spring Creek Village to serve our residents and community. A special thanks to Trinity, Elise, Ariana, Brooke, Logan, Katherine, Courtney, Whitney, Bryanna and Kelli for serving and making a difference in the lives of our residents, staff and community. Special thanks to Kelli White for gathering her amazing Cheerleaders. Thank you for sharing your gratitude, empathy, perseverance, integrity and service to our community. It is much appreciated!


I would also like to thank our residents, families and amazing team and your families for all your assistance in preparing Spring Creek Village for the Holiday season.  You Selfless Acts of Service is much appreciated.


Tab Werner LNFA CDAL
Executive Director
Spring Creek Village Assisted Living and Memory Care