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Dunking for Dollars! an Alzheimer’s Fundraiser

Village on the Park Oklahoma City Dunking Tank

For our first Alzheimer’s Fundraiser of the year, we decided it would be fun to have a “Dunk the Directors” dunk tank at our annual family picnic and it was a great success! Everyone was invited to give it their best shot to see the directors make a splash… and there were lots of splashes! You could take a chance and throw two softballs for $1 or better yet have a guarantee dunk for $5. It was so fun to see the different directors sporting their 1920’s bathing suits! All were good sports and took lots of trips to the bottom of the dunk tank. By the end of the night, we raised over $600 towards our Alzheimer’s fundraising efforts and every penny will go towards the Alzheimer’s Walk in September.

We feel this is a very important endeavor for us to do as a community. Unfortunately all of us have been affected by this awful disease. Many of us have lost loved ones to the disease or are dealing with loved ones with Alzheimer’s and dementia. We have a Memory Care community full of precious residents fighting Alzheimer’s every day and it is heart wrenching for the families. Our goal is that the generations after us won’t know what Alzheimer’s is, but until then, we will do our part in trying to fight this monster of a disease. Thank you for your help towards that cause, and watch for the fun summer fundraisers coming up!