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Traveling Through Summer

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Sunny warm days and blue skies have us traveling all over Texas in our tour bus to visit some of the most amazing places! Traveling with friends is one of the most enjoyable ways to share a good time, get some fresh air and physical exercise.

What an adventure we had going down the Texas Forest Trail and through the National Forest to arrive at one of the most unique outposts in Walker County, Annette’s Touch of Class. This place was awesome. When you pull up you know you are in for some surprises because one of the first things you see is a real 57′ Chevy sticking out of the second floor. The front porch is loaded with flowers, ceramics, antiques, and we even spotted a doctor’s buggy and a life size horse! When you enter you are transported back in time. We discovered their antique soda fountain and ice cream and everybody ordered their favorites. As we sat in the red upholstery booths and looked around we reminisced with wonderful stories about all of the antique signs displayed on the walls. It was a great day.

One of our annual trips had us traveling north to Corsicana to visit the world famous Collin Street Bakery, and also east to take part in the harvest of grapes at Messina Hoff Winery in Bryan. We finished up the month with a scenic trip to Lake Livingston to try out Farmhouse on the Lake and everybody loved the magnificent view and delicious food. We love to cater to our residents tastes and very often our travels are by request. Come travel with us as we live life well!