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Giving Kids a Fresh Start

School Supplies

For the past 3 years Village on the Park has partnered with Sky Ranch Elementary School to give the kids of our neighborhood and community every chance possible for a successful school year. Each August our residents collect paper, pencils, crayons, folders and much much more to donate to the school’s teacher resource room so that teachers can have extra supplies to pull from when children show up for a new school year with nothing.

Unfortunately this happens more than we realize and especially at Sky Ranch where surrounding neighborhoods are filled with families who are struggling financially! Every child deserves to start the new school year with new things! Everyone deserves a fresh start and a sense of being prepared for the work ahead of them. Many of our residents place a high priority not only on learning but on children in general and think it’s crucial to support good teachers and good schools!

If we can do that by helping in this small way, sign us up! There are many volunteer opportunities we are going to explore this year at Sky Ranch and if that sounds like something you would be interested in, stay tuned for more details!

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere!”
–Chinese Proverb