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Dollars for Dementia

Dollars for Dementia

In the competitive spirit of the Olympics that we just finished watching, we are continuing our quest to raise money for the Alzheimer?s Walk!! For a week in August during Ice Cream time at 2:00, we had a contest called Dollars for Dementia. We had special jars with each hall’s number on them and the competition was to see which hall could collect the most dollars to donate.

Here was the tricky part… other halls could sabotage each other by putting change in a competitors’ jar. So the total of each jar was Dollars minus Change! (Although ALL money goes toward the Alzheimer?s Walk). The winning hall got a pizza party at the end of the month and got to enjoy their neighbors and friends! We have all been touched by the terrible disease of Alzheimer’s, so we want to do all that we can to try to help the research and hopefully help all of us someday!!

We will also be having our own Alzheimer’s Walk at Village on the Park on September 23. We have ordered special t-shirts that you can wear and we will have an indoor course and, for those that can, we will walk at the park across the street… it will be an awesome day in support of our Alzheimer’s families and friends. We appreciate all of your support for these events. We like to have fun and help out all at once!